Blanka Horáková, 6.3.2017

‘’Dear Head Physician, I have visited your clinic in Pardubice today for the initial examination in relation to my problems with vitreous humour, eye inflammations which have been bothering me for many years. I have found your clinic by accident during internet browsing and decided to use your care.  I would like to state that my first impression from the first visit was great.  Everything was so nice and calming, from the reception desk, assistant, nurse, the environment. And you’re a true example of what a physician should be like.  You appear so calm, peaceful, compassionate, your are interested in the patients problems and personality.  It is not common at all, even in private clinics with paid care, it is therefore necessary to highlight your qualities.  Thank you very much.  See you during the operation where you open one of my eyes:). I really like the slogan of your clinic. With regards‘
Blanka Horáková, Poděbrady

Dear Mr.  Korda,
I would like to thank you again for your care and today's operation and for sweet, useful presents.  I used the glasses immediately (see photo in Poděbrady). I also brought a small present from Poděbrady but personal handover was impossible during the hectic operation day.

The operation was a surprise for me considering the duration and the comfort.  I was worried about seeing everything that goes on in my eye and that the eye will be defensive and some quick unsuitable reaction could hurt me.   None of it was confirmed and I was happy about it.  Calm voice of the operator created a sense of certainty and trust.

After the last consulting at the clinic I wrote an email to your personal address and the clinic’s address and I was sorry that nobody reacted.  I am at least glad that other potential clients can read my words of acknowledgment.

I would like to congratulate you for your colleague, Mrs Lenka Rybářová who has made the best impression with her competency.  During the telephone call last week she chased away all my last worries before the operation. I was glad to be in her care today.  Please thank in my name to your colleague, MUDr. Spíšek, who operated together with you.

The check-up tomorrow in Poděbrady would not be with you, as I was unfortunately informed, I have therefore changed my plan to travel to Pardubice and chose to visit my ophthalmologist in Poděbrady.  I feel really well and I saw on my still patched eye a light mosaic semi-circle at the bottom. I am curious for new vision starting tomorrow :).

Last time I promised that if my eyes open according to your slogan I would like to invite your for dinner to express my gratitude.  I always try to keep my word as I do now. It is up to you, dear doctor, if you feel like it and if you find time in your busy schedule.  Poděbrady is a sweet town but considering the insufficiency of your time, we can chose Pardubice.

I invited the colleague who drove me from Pardubice for lunch in Poděbrady and we had a toast to our great doctors and nice people.  The toast (see attachment) is to you. I relay had no idea that I find courage for the inflammation operation:)

With regards and great thanks. A now I am going to have a rest, work can wait.

Blanka Horáková, Poděbrady, 16.06.16 

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